Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri Law College

Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri
Law College

Governing Body

  1. Sri Jashadeb Chaudhuri President, Governing Body
  2. Dr. Sunanda Goenka Principal and Secretary, Governing Body

Honourable Members

  1. Dr. Subires Bhattacharyya, University Nominee
  2. Prof. (Dr.) Rubi Sain, University Nominee
  3. Sri Binoy Bhusan Chakraborty, Govt. Nominee
  4. Smt. Mamata Majumder, Councilor, Ex-Officio Member
  5. Dr. Achina Kundu, Teacher Representative
  6. Dr. Nilansu Bhattacharyya, Teacher Representative
  7. Sri Amit Chatterjee, Teacher Representative
  8. Sri Barun Poddar, Non-Teaching Representative
  9. Sri Bijoy Dutta, Non-Teaching Representative
  10. Sri Neil Basu, General Secretary, Students Union

Mission & Vision

Vision of our Institution

To expand the horizons of legal knowledge for full growth of human personality and well being of mankind. We endeavour to produce legal professionals through holistic education and development of proper skill, knowledge and professional values.

Our Mission

  • To offer an opportunity to pursue studies in law to those aspiring to opt for a career in law.
  • To devise, develop and apply new teaching techniques, research methods and arrange extension programme in legal education.
  • To strive to develop better human resource for trade, industry, public administration in the find of law and justice.
  • To focus on personality development of each student.
  • To promote all round development of each student by encouraging them to participate in extra-curricular activities like various indoor and outdoor games, sport like activities, cultural programmes, debates, panel discussion etc.
  • To organise moot courts in order to enable students to acquire knowledge relating to the procedures of law courts and thereby developing professional skills.
  • To nurture students to be disciplined

To guide students to become good human beings and public spirited citizen.

Aims and Objects

The aims and objectives of the institution are not only to promote education by encouraging academic excellence, but also to provide ample opportunities to nurture all round development of pupils and to stimulate and develop creative thoughts in them so that their personalities develop and ultimately they become worthy citizens caring for others, ensuring justice to the tortured and having a sense of duty and responsibility to the society.

It introduces students to a wider world of experience and a larger sphere of activities teaching them to co-operate with their fellowmen and form habits of order and accuracy.